DK Tobacco was established in 1950 as a result of the growing need for a professional distribution company of branded cigarettes throughout the Middle-East and Africa. The operation started up as a national tobacco products distribution company to cover the Lebanese market and soon grew to become a respected player of the regional tobacco arena; throughout the years, DK Tobacco has escorted many brands to some of the region’s most remote yet lucrative markets; today, the company is a professional producer, distributor and marketer of Tobacco products capitalizing on years of industry experience, high-level governmental contacts and a solid distribution channel spread over a wide geographical area.

Besides its distribution and marketing services for the promotion of international brands, DK Tobacco is one of the region’s few companies to actually own a cigarette brand: MADINA. Moreover, capitalizing on years of expertise, networking and alliances, DK Tobacco offers a unique “Turnkey Private Label Program” for companies wishing to produce cigarettes under their own brand.

Please go through the MADINA section in order to have a clearer insight of this very special product (distribution rights for various countries still open). Also please visit the “Cigarette Turnkey Private Label Program” for more details.


For companies wishing to develop their own cigarette brand, DK Group offers a complete turnkey solution benefiting from two decades of experience in the regional and international Tobacco industry.

Following a thorough “interview” with the Private Label owner in order to depict the brand’s desired identity, concept, positioning and target market, DK Group then handles all aspects of the project from inception to distribution.

As part of its turnkey program, DK Tobacco provides the below:

- Pack, Carton and box design.
- Flavor tasting and selection.
- Filter selection.
- Paper selection.
- Cliché production
- Sample production
- Trademark registration in the Tobacco & Accessories class anywhere around the world.
- Dedicated EAN bar code number.
- Promotional material design and production (lighters, pens, caps, ashtrays, umbrellas…etc).
- Advertising concept creation.
- Local Health (warning) and tobacco related laws and regulations.
- Final Cigarette production and packaging.
- Initial order Product Shipping.
- Marketing Plan / Media Plan / Development Plan.
- Product promotion and Distribution across the Middle-East & Africa.

DK Tobacco puts its expertise at the disposal of its customers saving them the hustle of cigarette production and brand creation; but most importantly saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars to say the least in trial and error; the result is a smooth process managed by industry professionals offering all or any of the above services to insure the successful birth – and growth – of a new cigarette brand.

MADINA "a cigarette from you, to you " Up To Cigarette

The uniqueness of the idea lies in the uniqueness of its source as the inspiration and basis upon which to develop the cigarette pack design and the brand’s marketing and communication. The brand is exclusive in that it is the first to graphically feature Middle-Eastern art. The essence of the concept is therefore the uniqueness of combining fundamental elements of the Arabic culture in the creation of a packaged cigarette product having a distinct Middle-Eastern identity. This unique concept is translated in five forms: brand name, product category, pack design, brand communication, and brand interactivity.

- Brand Name:

The brand name chosen for the product is: MADINA, insinuating in a subtle way, a symbolic city of the Middle-East.

- Pack Design: a) Colours: a thorough research was conducted to define the colours of MADINA packs. The three selected colours (burgundy, purple, and green—one for each product category) are three colours used in classic and contemporary Middle-Eastern art.
b) Motifs: the MADINA pack features various Middle-Eastern architectural motifs reflecting the identity of the brand. The motif band surrounding the top area of the pack, the golden dome and the motif below the dome top, are all common elements of Middle-Eastern architecture.

- Brand Communication: a ) Pack Literature: The MADINA pack features text that conveys the clear message and identity of the product in many ways:
i. The MADINA motto printed on the pack below the trademark: “a cigarette from you, to you” means that MADINA is directly derived from the identity, culture, and values of the MADINA smoker.
ii. Background text calligraphy, printed in a discrete and elegant way: a peace salute reflecting the product’s philosophy.

b) Advertising and Promotion:

MADINA’s advertising and promotion campaigns also reflect the image of the brand. Just like any other cigarette brand, MADINA embodies its identity in its advertising communication. MADINA’s advertisements reflect the actual identity, aspirations, and values of the genuine spirit behind it. MADINA’s campaigns establish the brand as a cigarette for all consumers who appreciate Middle-Eastern culture one way or another. The campaign is socially responsible inviting consumers to be proactive in the betterment of society. MADINA also comes with a full set of promotional accessories ranging from lighters and ashtrays to T-shirts, caps and pens. MADINA invests 10% of its turnover in advertising and promotion as a backup to distributors also willing to invest an equal amount of money for the same period.

c) Product Interactivity MADINA introduces, for the first time within the industry, the concept of direct donations resulting from product sales. Clearly noted on the package, with the purchase of every pack or carton, the smoker makes an immediate, direct donation for the support of charities, charitable work, social or any other humanitarian cause for the betterment of society.

While MADINA bases its concept on the Middle-Eastern culture, it is important to note that the brand does not encourage any type of discrimination. The brand simply targets consumers with a certain appreciation of the historic Middle-Eastern culture in terms of product design, communication and identity. Madina is another outstanding DK commercial achievement satisfying market demand; it is one of DK Group’s “Cigarette Turnkey Private Label Program” produced for one of DK’s Gulf Council clients. It is also important to note that MADINA does not aim at encouraging smoking in any way; it only caters to an already existent smoking audience.

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